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ou are here. You have just gotten to know us, and probably, you have already established the first contact with us through Bodas.Net. So, what is next? What else do you have to do? How to make the right decision? Here, we are going to try to help you out and guide you a little bit.

As soon as you reach out to us, you will start receiving all our notifications. So, you will probably be able to meet us in person and listen to us live sooner rather than later (if we are too close to your wedding day, it is pretty likely that there will be no time for this, but it is fine). You will always be notified with all the public events where we will be performing at so that you can attend.

Surely you have contacted different groups and you are eager to find a reason to make the right decision among the ones that can adjust better. We hope to be among them. It would be great if you could see us live. However, if it is not possible, you can count on all our videos and information given.

Once our participation is confirmed on your wedding date, there will be a meeting with one of our members, one or two months prior to the big day. It is extremely important for us to be approachable and clearly to have met you before the wedding, this way we can reassure you our commitment, professionalism and responsibility, as well as our empathy and friendliness.

At this meeting, one of the extra services we offer, we will ask you to go "with your homework done", which means to have an idea of what music you would like for each moment (ceremony, cocktail… or what you may have chosen). Therefore, we suggest you read our Suggestions ; these will definitely help you. The main purpose of the meeting is to solve any doubts you may have after all the previous steps mentioned and advise you on the music choice and the order of your selection. Also, you will appreciate knowing others couples’ choices; you will receive this information from our public weddings.

There is almost no time left; we will ask you a few questions during the meeting in order to improve our work on your wedding day. We will talk as much as necessary to reassure you; so, next time we will be meeting, it will be at your ceremony.

Once we arrive at the venue, if it is possible we will talk with the officiant or person in charge only for the last details (specifically the great entrance). And then, we will be playing Music! Music! Music! Congratulations! Enjoy it as much as you can and have a great time!

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