n order to solve the most frequent questions we are usually asked, you may find here our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with their corresponding answers.

Q: “Are you available? I see you have a wedding that day.”
Almost certainly we are. As you may already know from The Musicians section, we are a large group ready to perform simultaneously at different events with different ensembles, without compromising the quality offered. So, even if you see we have a wedding on your day in our calendar, do not worry. As we have explained before in this section, you can almost certainly count on us.

Q: “Do you travel for weddings?”
We usually travel among Madrid, Toledo, Segovia and Guadalajara. We have also traveled without complications to Ávila and Ciudad Real. Under special circumstances, we have traveled to Santiago de Compostela, Málaga, Salamanca, Girona… It will always be best to ask for your case specifically, and we will tell you if it is worth it for both parties.

Q: “Have you played there?”
A: This is a very frequent question. Although we really do not need to know thoroughly the place where we will be playing ahead of time, aside from the acoustic test we have to perform half an hour before the event, it gives you peace of mind to know if we are acquainted with the place, whether we know the administration of the place or its location itself, etc. Therefore, we have come up with a list of Locations where we have previously offered our services.

Q: "How do we make the reservation?""
When you decide to hired us, we will only need a few confirmation details, necessary to consider you in our Wedding Calendar, which we have already talked about before. Nothing additional is required, if you accept all our conditions, the date is pretty much reserved. And we have never missed a single wedding!

Q: (At the meeting) "Will you be at our wedding?"
Not always. The meetings will be planned and carried out on a regular basis by Luis, president and main contact of Nonamé. However, if he is not available due to certain circumstances another member of the group, preferably a board director, will attend the meeting or if possible another Nonamé member that will be playing on your wedding day. Do not be concerned, whoever attends the meeting has everything clear and will take careful note so that the members playing on your wedding day have everything as clear as indicated in the meeting. Everyone will play as well, with commitment and enthusiasm. Although, we will make an effort for you to see a familiar face within the group. So, we will try to let you know who is playing on your wedding with links to our section The Musicians a week ahead.

Q: "Can we select songs for you to sing?”
This is one of the key questions in the association. Julián Alex, and Luis, male voices, and Constanza, Lourdes and Fati, female, are versatile musicians, they play viola, violin and they can also sing at certain moments, as you can see in some of our videos. However, we are a string quartet ensemble. That being said, the fact that Julián and/or Luis can sing, is considered an additional specific service, which we offer without increasing the price but subject to availability. In theory, you should consider the quartet without a singer, and if you really want to request it, do it only knowing that it might not be finally available. If you want a singer anyway, we would have to come up with other solutions, but in almost all the cases this would mean that we would have to consider 5 musicians instead of 4.

Q: “How do you dress?”
This is not such a frequent question, but it is only logical to want to know it. As you can see in all our videos, the musician's "official attire” at weddings is black. The boys with a black shirt, whether with or without a jacket, the girls in a black dress or shirt and pants.

Q: "Is the repertoire closed for the ceremony and/or the cocktail?"
We will bring booklets, for each of the four instruments, especially considering the pieces you have selected and specifically ordered (do not worried, it will be eco-friendly. We have all the musical score kept in archive and stored in paper ready to be bind, we recycled them and we take care of them as best as we can in order to spend the least amount of paper and ink as possible). This way, if the wedding officiant may want to change something at last minute, he/she will only have to choose among the music we know you would like, and your guests will not be able to change the repertoire at the cocktail with trendy songs that you may not want to listen to.

You can contact us at: info@cuartetononame.es.

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