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he Nonamé String Quartet is a rather unconventional ensemble in which we do not hide. We do not intend to show something that we are simply not. We are not a company that arranges a group of musicians who barely know each other to play a fairly decent gig or cover a particular event. Actually, we are great instrumentalists friends, music enthusiasts and our success has been based on high esteem, friendship and good vibes. Not to mention that the quality of our music and professionalism are unquestionable, as well as our human quality.


If you visit The Musicians section, you might think: What kind of quartet is this? In which there are ... 42 people in it! And even considering to be more in the future… Well, we are a friends association; we like to hang out occasionally and play music together. There is no better excuse to do that than to work on something you love doing.


Also, if you see each one of our « curriculums », you will notice that we are very different. We are all fantastic musicians, without any doubt; but some may fit better than others for certain performances. So, having a long list of members will always result in a better music performance and greater availability so that you can count on Nonamé almost whenever you want.


We will always give our best, that is why we are not afraid to show you our live videos or invite you to all our live shows. If we consider there is something we cannot perform or that we cannot perform as expected, we rather be honest with you since the beginning. We are all professionals, graduates, highly experienced musicians. Our trajectory, all the people who have been satisfied with us and their recommendations are proof of this.


We perform as a quartet since is the ensemble with better results and broader repertoire and also because we enjoy working this way. We want to enjoy our work among other things; and this has a great impact on music, which is what you are looking for. Playing music together is a pleasure for us, and this will be easily recognized and appreciated by our audience.


Can we perform larger ensembles? Sure! Since we are so many musicians, we have founded a small string orchestra featuring some of our best wind instrumentalists among our friends. However, we prefer to play as a quartet so that we can offer you the best result and adjust to our own demands according to yours. We are highly experienced musicians; we will advise you well. We are extremely competitive in our field.


If you would like live music for any type of event, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to answer you as soon as we can, give you all possibilities and adjust as best as possible to your expectations. We are not a usual wedding music group, we do plenty of things, and challenges only makes us grow.


We have been contacted by many great musicians such as; Amaral, for one of his recordings; Zade Dirani, Jordanian pianist, for his concert tours in Spain and the Middle East (we have been in Egypt, Jordan, Doha ... with him); or the singer Joni Ramos in his participation in GOT Talent Spain. Also we have performed in events for the influencer Marta Lozano and her cosmetic brand Glowfilter. They have trusted us and we always remain in touch. We are good musicians. Actually, we are great musicians. Get to know us, we are sure you will not regret it.


You can contact us at:

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